What is Brainbow?

Launched in 2013, Brainbow is a unique partnership between three independent charities – Anna’s Hope, Camille’s Appeal and Tom’s Trust, working with Addenbrooke’s Hospital to fund and provide a pioneering rehabilitation service in the East of England for children with brain tumours. Camille’s Appeal funded posts within Brainbow until 2018 at which point Joshua Tarrant Trust joined the partnership and took over funding for these posts.

Brainbow has a multi-disciplinary team, which includes;

  • A clinical lead.
  • Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy funded by Anna’s Hope.
  • Specialist Teacher, funded by Joshua Tarrant Trust.
  • Clinical Psychology funded by Tom’s Trust.
  • The team is supported by admin and management – funded by Joshua Tarrant Trust as well as a clinical lead.

See the Brainbow team at work

This video gives you an insight into the fantastic work the Brainbow team do to help children with brain tumours.

For further information of the Brainbow Service please go to their main website