Our Team

At Pilgrim Pathways School our dedicated team are committed to doing the very best for the children and young people in our care.

Extended Leadership Team

Leah Miller

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Nadine Gooding-Hebert

Assistant Headteacher
Teacher In Charge (Croft)

Jax Vollenhoven

Teacher In Charge (Darwin)
Teacher (Arts specialist)

Shauna DeWolf

Teacher In Charge (Phoenix)
Teacher (Languages specialist)


School Business Officer

Teaching & Support Team

Alex Morris

Teacher (English Lead)


Teacher (Science lead)

John Underdown

Teacher (Maths Lead)

Hayley Dearman

Teacher (Primary specialist)

Rachel Lundskaer-Nielson

Teacher (Primary specialist)

Liz Cotton

Teacher (Secondary specialist)

Heather Mepham

Specialist Teacher (Brainbow)

Kat Rudge

Teaching Assistant

Nadia Gibson

Teaching Assistant

Rachel Badcock

Teaching Assistant

Susan Wakes-Miller

Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant

Robert Holmes

Learning Mentor