Quotes from Parents & Students

Parent Comments:

‘We think it is amazing what you have managed to achieve in such a short space of time. J was given the time and space to feel comfortable, secure and confident enough within the classroom setting to begin learning how to tolerate and accept challenges and adult decisions about his learning. As a consequence, J has been able to access education at the appropriate levels with increasing confidence and acceptance of vulnerabilities.’

‘We will be forever indebted to the Teacher in Charge and her team for steering J back on to his path of learning where he may now be able to function at and reach his full potential.’

‘The team at the Croft have always been warm and approachable; we have always felt in good hands. Our family thank you all and all be it this been a very difficult time for our family we will always be proud that T has been here and there will always be a warm place in our hearts for this amazing team.’

‘B has successfully attended school whilst attending the unit and this is a testament to the approach taken by the teaching team. Consistent and fair boundaries have helped B to feel safe in learning. We are very impressed with the improvements made in B’s access to education.’

‘The teaching team have worked wonders with A these last 8 weeks and restored her faith and confidence in her own abilities.’

Children’s comments:

I, Year 7

“You have really helped me get back on my feet with school. The lessons I have at the Croft have helped me understand my work more.”

C, Year 6

“Thank you so much for all the help and support it has really made a difference! Especially organizing my school trips and then changing them if I was uncomfortable! You make school much more fun!”

E, Year 8

‘This is our school, it is a lot of fun and the teachers are very kind.’