What Our Staff Say

‘I enjoy being part of a team which supports our young people on their recovery journeys; working with generous colleagues; the opportunity to be continuously learning’





‘I enjoy the need to be flexible; the unpredictability; the opportunity to work at the pupil’s pace; the bespoke nature of the work means that every minute of the lesson is focused on the outcome of the one pupil; being part of a big team within the hospital’





‘I enjoy the privileged position of being allowed to make an immediate difference to a young person’s learning and wellbeing’





‘I enjoy supporting students to achieve their potential where possible, making a difference’





‘I enjoy the breakthrough moments with children. The luxury of being able to work 1:1 with a child to totally target their learning and develop positive relationships with them. The fun! The constant learning and development of my practice’





‘I love my job. I feel that we can make a real difference to young people and their families' lives in quite a short period of time. I love the rapid pace of work and the frequent change of admission. I love working with the MD team on the ward and the fact that I feel I’m always learning.’