At the Pilgrim Pathways School we are dedicated to ensuring equality for all pupils, staff members and parents. All of our centres are inclusive environments for LGBTQAI+ pupils, staff members and parents and we promote accepting attitudes within our ethos and our curriculums. We liaise closely with the Kite Trust who provide one-to-one sessions for LGBTQAI+ young people and who deliver training to all staff members to ensure best practice.

The Kite Trust offers a range of information about gender and sexuality and has a range of ways they can support young people.

Find out how Stonewall Youth can support young people to live their lives free from discrimination and fulfil their potential.

The Proud Trust offer advice and support for young people about their sexuality to help make a positive change.

Supporting young people up to the age of 25 with mental health, caring responsibilities, housing, sexual health and more.

Support Line can offer confidential emotional support to any individual on any issue.

The BeYou Project is supported by the NHS and offers support and advice to young people about their sexuality.