School Priorities 2020 - 2021

Priority 1:

Ensure an outstanding curriculum and excellent teaching and learning to support students in becoming career and life ready


  • 1.1  Further develop marking and feedback across all key stages and centres
  • 1.2  Further develop assessment data collation to all stakeholders
  • 1.3  Further develop high-quality information, advice and guidance (IAG) on careers and post-16 destinations
  • 1.4  Further develop remote and classroom-based curriculum allowing for curriculum recovery targeted opportunities
  • 1.5  Further develop opportunities to promote equality and diversity within our community

Priority 2:

Further strengthen the offer for pupils of SEN to ensure it is effective and consistently applied across the whole school


  • 2.1  Further develop bespoke SEND offer and pathways for each centre
  • 2.2  Further develop placement outcomes and long-term destinations success

Priority 3:

Further strengthen communication so that all stakeholders are fully enabled to support all pupils making excellent progress in lessons and a successful transition


  • 3.1  As part of the SEND pathway, strengthen protocols and evidence of early communication with key stakeholders
  • 3.2  Strengthen early diagnostic assessment pathways of potential SEN

Priority 4:

Develop leadership skills, at all levels, to influence and support school improvement


  • 4.1  Further develop post holders, including new colleagues, with leadership responsibilities
  • 4.2  Further develop access to professional and career development opportunities
  • 4.3  Develop internal leadership capacity by establishing an Extended Leadership Team
  • 4.4  Ensure appraisals are fit for purpose, realistic and linked to school priorities

Priority 5:

Develop the culture and ethos of the school to create a ‘One School’ model that is embedded across all sites


  • 5.1  Maximise opportunities to further embed the ‘One School’ message across the school

Priority 6:

Develop a marketing strategy to raise the profile as ‘One School’ in the community and across the Local Authority


  • 6.1  Ensure schools branding reflects provision offer and projects a highly professional service
  • 6.2  Further develop the school recruitment strategy to ensure we are attracting highest quality candidates